Thursday, May 04, 2006

Which "Alias" Character Are You?

I'm Arvin Sloane.

I've been playing Oblivion instead of studying for the past couple weeks. Two of the attributes that a character gets in the game are "infamy" and "fame". Infamy comes from doing bad things (stealing, killing, etc.) and fame comes from doing good things, basically. If your infamy is higher than your fame, there are certain things you can't do. There was a discussion about this on one of the Oblivion forums that I read - someone asked for advice, and someone else explained that they needed to get their fame score higher than their infamy score -- assuming that that wouldn't be contradictory to the personality of the character that they were playing.

So that got me thinking about the personality of the character that I am playing. I am a vampire, a thief, and an assassin. But my fame is higher than my infamy. Because I spend my days helping people, finding their lost objects, and raising my fame; then at night, I sneak into their houses and steal their stuff and drink their blood. And I thought, "I am just like Arvin Sloane."

Even though Sydney and Jack Bristow are my favorite characters, I don't think I would ever role-play a character like either of them. I think that my next character is going to be a pure mage who does everything with cool spells instead of weapons - like Marshall. :-)


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