Monday, June 07, 2004

I just saw Harry Potter 3. Here's my thoughts:

(1) I no longer want to be Lara Croft when I grow up. I want to be Catwoman. Lara Croft still rules, but where would I get the huge estate in England? Based on the trailers, all Catwoman needs is leather and a motorcycle - I have those things already! But wearing that leather outfit all the time - wouldn't it chafe?

(2) The movie opens with Harry under his covers at the Dursleys' using a lumos spell to read in the dark. But we all know he's not allowed to do magic during the summer!

(3) I don't like the new Dumbledore.

(4) This is the best movie of the three.

(5) The castle is awesome in this movie - it looks like a real haunted castle, not just a collection of special effects.

(5) Pretty soon, Hermione is going to be giving the Olsen twins a run for their money.


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