Friday, March 25, 2005

Class Review - Real Estate

The other night in class I was really sleepy. Of course the soda machine was sold out. So I stopped at Wawa on the way home to get a slurpee. But you know how the machine has that message not to use it if the light is on; the light was blinking, so I guess that's the same as being on, so I didn't get one. I've always been a little intimidated by the slurpee machine technology. Anyway, I don't think they had the flavor I wanted. One side was labeled "blue raspberry" and the other side was labled "coke". The blue rasberry side was blue, but the coke side was bright pink, so I don't think it was coke. It must have been red blueberry or something.

There was one interesting thing during class: a dairy farmer who paid his mortgage by giving milk to the mortgage company, or something. I didn't actually read the case. But it sounded interesting.


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