Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I think I got really lucky with my first-year section - there were no truly awful classmates. No "gunners", none of the other stereotypes. There were a few people that I strongly disliked, but they knew when to keep their mouths shut and didn't make class unbearable. Even my second year, when we started mixing it up with other groups of students, I still didn't have any classes with people who made me fantasize about stabbing them to death with a highlighter. It's kind of suprising, since I'm a night student, and the night classes are the most likely to contain an Old Guy.

But tonight I finally met one. Luckily for him I had my good highlighters with me, and I didn't want to waste one by jabbing it into his neck. He kept making comments, and finally, 67 minutes into class, he achieved his goal of casually mentioning the fact that he is a "physician". I may have to move to the other side of the room so that I can cover my ears and hum whenever he talks.


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