Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Things to do instead of studying, part x+1

I'm watching Law & Order. I've never actually seen a complete episode. I deliberately avoid watching it, so that when my relatives and non-law-school friends ask me about it, I can honestly say that I've never seen it, and so I avoid having to explain how it is nothing like real-life law. Of course, I've only heard that it's completely unrealistic. So since I'm desperately doing anything I can to avoid studying, this is the perfect time to check it out for myself.

Except I think I'm watching one of the spin-offs, because so far there's no sign of any lawyers or a courtroom. This one appears to be some detectives investigating a murder and looking for stuff in someone's bathtub drain. Well, there was a warrant. Fourth amendment!

. . .
Okay, here it is - the courtroom stuff. Hmm, okay, I guess I have no idea if this is realistic or not, since I've never seen an actual trial. I can state, with authority, that real-life lawyers are a lot less attractive than the ones on TV.

Now I'm watching The Daily Show. I have a crush on Jon Stewart. He's cute and funny, and unlike all the men I meet at school, he has a real job and a lot of money. And he owns more than one suit. My standards have plunged.


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