Friday, October 22, 2004

I was cleaning out my basement freezer last week and I found a bag of Easter candy that I hidden from myself last Easter. The theory is that if I put the candy in the freezer in the basement, and only take out a couple pieces each time I go down there, then the inconvenience of going down into the basement will keep me from eating the whole bag in one day. And it worked, because I had only eaten about 2/3 of candy since Easter before I totally forgot about it. But's it's gone now, because after I found the candy, I took it upstairs and sat in bed and ate it all. (While I studied. And I've found that I gain twice as much weight if I eat while I study. Dammit.)


Blogger Blonde Justice said...

Or do you learn twice as much when you study while you eat?

Think about it...

8:48 PM  

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