Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Older Students

RE: Stereotypes, below.

Why are we having a long discussion of medical malpractice in Professional Responsbility? This particular discussion, led by guess who, centers on why surgeons are always getting sued when it's really the nurse's fault for leaving the sponge in the patient. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt, and assume this really does have something to do with the case I didn't read, instead of just being a discussion of one particular person's pet peeve with the legal system.

I think the reason that older students can be annoying is not that they are older students (and I speak as a completely impartial older student). I think the problem is with people who are motivated to go to law school because of a particular incident that happens to them. For example - they are sued for malpractice; they sue someone who harmed them and they lose; they have a family member who is harmed by a doctor; etc. The problem is that they start law school with an absolute conviction that the legal system is corrupt or biased or whatever. (And the legal system is biased, of course, in different ways in its different aspects.) But every topic that comes up in class is either confirmation of their view of the legal system, or else is propaganda used to cover up that bias. Anyone who disagrees with them is wrong, and is not even qualified to offer an opinion on the subject because of their lack of personal experience with a malpractice suit or whatever.

In short, there is nothing more annoying that someone who repeatedly offers their opinion with no intention of considering the possible validity of anyone else's opinion.


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