Monday, May 08, 2006

Veronica Mars is more fun than a take-home exam!

[Note: I'm still watching Season 1 over and over]

When I saw the character of Aaron Echoll's (Harry Hamlin) wife, I assumed that the show had gone out and gotten the actress with the biggest grossest puffed-up lips and fakest plastic-surgery look that they could find. Then I found out that Lisa Rinna is an actual famous person, is married to Harry Hamlin in real life, and those may be her actual lips, not prosthetics that they glue on for each show. So her role is a parody of a plasticized wife of a movie star... wouldn't that make the real-life plasticized wife of a movie star (sort of) a little uncomfortable with the irony? Maybe I'm wrong, and those are prosthetic lips. I need a subscription to People -- I haven't been keeping up with these things.


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