Saturday, February 17, 2007

Study Weekend

I decided to have a hard-core study weekend -- pajamas, diet coke, and a big stack of law books -- and no leaving the house. (Because I'm not changing out of my jammies.) But I forgot to stock up on food. All I have to eat is frozen vegetables and half a box of girl scout cookies. And I feel kind of pathetic when I call the pizza place on a Saturday night and have them deliver only enough food for one person. I know that's kind of stupid. I have friends who won't go to the movies by themselves, but I do it all the time, that doesn't bother me. But ordering takeout delivered when I'm the only one home bothers me. Oh well, eventually I'll get hungry enough to stop caring.

UPDATE, 10:24 p.m.: I found some bread and cheese in the fridge and made a grilled cheese sandwitch, so I didn't have to leave the house OR order takeout. And I'm still in my pajamas.


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