Tuesday, April 10, 2007

American Idol Liveblogging

I'm watching American Idol for the second time EVER, because I want to see this Sanjaya guy that everyone is talking about.

Opening credits:
- Reminds me of that part in X-Men where Magneto is in the plastic cell.
- Hey look! It's Nathan Fillion! What's up with that?
- Oooh, Jennifer Lopez. She's so pretty. I bet that right this minute, she's not sitting in front of her TV, drinking wine and eating Easter chocolate. She's at the gym with her personal trainer, and that's why her ass is 150 times better-looking than mine.

First singer:
- I like her. She's pretty good.
- That British guy is a jerk. I'm going to vote for whatever-her-name-was just because he didn't like her.

Commercial Break:
- boring, boring.
- Oh wait, I tivo-ed this - I can fast forward.

Second Singer (Lakiesha?):
- I liked her too. Stopped listening when the judges talked, don't know if I'll vote for her or not.

Commercial Break:
- I'm supposed to be writing a motion in limine. Just realized I have no idea what a motion in limine is.

Third Singer
- I missed his name. I don't care enough to rewind the tivo.
- I don't like his hair. Or his singing. He's just kind of blah.
- Are these people not singing the whole songs? That seemed really short.
- British guy liked him best. Is there any way to vote against someone?

Commercial Break:
- ooh, it's a commercial for that show that Nathan Fillion is in! Set the tivo!

Fourth Singer (Haley):
- pre-performance - Jennifer Lopez is coaching the singer. . .
- what are those boots? they look awful. But J-Lo look has cute shoes!
- actual performance: shorts? seriously? and you can't be a star with hair like that, honey.

Fifth Singer (Phil):
- stupid hat. it doesn't matter what you sing, if you're going to wear that hat.

Sixth Singer (Jordin):
- I like her hair. Is this show supposed to be about the singing? I have trouble focusing on that.
- I like the drummer's shirt a lot.

Seventh Singer (Blake):
- Marc Anthony is really creepy, isn't he? But I like that song. But not when Blake sings it.
- Oh my god - that hat is even stupider than Phil's hat. Who is dressing these people?
- Where is Sanjaya? Did he get kicked off and I missed it?

- He's singing in Spanish. Does he get bonus points for that?
- I don't think he's any worse than the guys with the stupid hats.

When do we find out who gets voted off the island? It's a separate episode, right?


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