Monday, June 13, 2005

Things that make me feel old

(1) My hair is turning gray.
(2) My hair was turning gray BEFORE I started law school.
(3) There are 2 guys in my summer class who look to me as if they are about 17 years old. They look like they need their moms to pick them up after class. I can't imagine them being lawyers in 2 years. I can't imagine them doing their own laundry.
(4) I think that 17-year-old boys should absolutely not be allowed to drive. I saw one of them crash his parents' car the other day, and I thought "Oh my god! These are children who can't cook, can't do their own laundry (but probably could attend law school - see above), who think it's really fun to stuff each other in lockers and blow stuff up when they get the chance - and we're letting them get behind the wheel of a 2-ton vehicle and drive 65 miles per hour?" Who on earth thought that would be a good idea?!


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