Friday, March 02, 2007

Bar Exam

"No chips of any kind or other foods that cause audible crunching sounds are allowed."

"DO NOT bring any of these items with you inside the Examination Room:"
"backless shoes"
. . .

no backless shoes? no purses? I should start planning my outfits now, so I'm ready by July. And start testing my favorite snacks for the audibility of their crunchiness.


Blogger Ken Lammers said...

When I took the Bar exam the only clothing requirement I remember was that we were supposed to wear clothes that we would wear in court. This meant all the guys showed up in suits and the women showed up in the most amazing array of clothing. The lady sitting across from me was in some sort of Levi dress/top getup which looked like she was going to leave the test and go straight to a barn dance. Then there was the woman wearing the micro-mini. I still wanna know what court allows that in the courtroom; as a male of the species, if I ever find out I may have to move there.

10:59 PM  

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