Friday, April 13, 2007

Career Choices

Today in my Trial Techniques class, my half of the class (which had our fake trial last week) was watching the other half of the class put on their fake trial (these "trials" are our final exams). The "trial" I was watching was a criminal trial. I was listening to the "lawyers" and the "witnesses" and thinking "that guy is totally innocent. Those eyewitnesses don't mean anything -- everyone knows how unreliable eyewitnesses are. The cops totally screwed up the lineup. All the other evidence is circumstantial. Not guilty!" Then I thought "Hmmm, does this mean that I should give up my dream of being a prosecutor?" If I go on an interview for a prosecutor job, and they ask me "do you think that cops ever lie in court," should I say "hell yeah!" or should I lie?


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