Monday, October 24, 2005


For a while, I was hooked on Sudoku. It was great for a short break from studying, or for entertainment during a slow class. And since it involves "logic", it's not really wasting time - it's good for my brain. Unfortunately, I've mastered it. I just realized that the last dozen games I played, I was able to solve in under 5 minutes each, without getting stuck or even having to really think. Fuck. Now I need to find a new time-wasting activity.

A super-intelligent friend of mine was recently pregnant, and she claimed that the hormones or something made her dumber. But she was pretty happy about it, because she was able to enjoy watching reality TV and all sorts of other stupid shows that she would never have enjoyed before. I told her that if she was really lucky, by the time she stopped working she would just be able to stare at bright shiny objects all day for entertainment. So maybe if I get knocked up, I can enjoy Sudoku again.


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