Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Today I had a bad day :-(

(1) There's this cute boy that I had a HUGE crush on all of last semester, and I was minutes away from finally asking him out, but then a friend of mine told me that she had gone out with him and told me all about his bad personal qualities that made him terrible boyfriend material. So then I was all depressed and I spent the last 6 weeks working really hard on NOT thinking about him and not being depressed that he was a jerk instead of a mensch like I thought he was. And it was going really well until he came up to me at school today and talked to me and he's just as hot as he was before and now I'm all depressed again.

(2) Then I spilled a giant cup of coffee INTO my Kate Spade handbag, on my laptop, on my books, on my shoes, on my coat, etc. So I have to take my laptop to the Apple store to have it cleaned because all the keys stick, and my favorite handbag EVER now REEKS of vanilla latte.

But at least my cat still loves me. I'm just so tired of getting bad grades and studying all the time and working and paying bills and everything.


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