Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why Do I Have To Leave The House?

Here in the northeast, we are having a "nor'easter" or however you spell it. In my neighborhood, it just seems to be a normal rainstorm -- I don't see cars floating down the street or cows being tossed around by tornados or anything. But it does seem to provide a good excuse to spend the day at home in my pajamas -- which regular readers know is one of my most favorite things to do. But I have my usual problem: I'm dying for some Starbucks, and maybe a nice pastry. God I want some hot coffee. And as usual, I could make my own coffee but I'm out of milk. So I guess my choices are:

1 - stay here and whine
2 - go to Starbucks in my pajamas with a coat over them, hope no one notices
3 - drive an extra 10 minutes to the drive-through Starbucks
4 - drive around the corner to the local coffee house, where everyone wears their pajamas but the coffee isn't as good

Dunkin Donuts used to be an option -- I can go there in my bathrobe and fit right in with the homeless people. But I think they don't like me there -- they keep getting my bagel orders wrong and I think they've been giving me decaf instead of regular.

Hmmm.... okay, I'm going to go with #2 or #4. I'm going to think about it while I brush my hair.


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