Thursday, February 02, 2006

What do the day students do all day?

Even though I am a part-time student with a full-time job, I am taking day classes this semester. (I have been a night student for the past 5 semesters.)

As a 1L, I had a Legal Research & Writing TA who would, for example, send me emails at 2 a.m. that said, for example, "sorry I missed our appointment at 6 p.m. tonight - I had to go to a party in Boston. Can we meet tomorrow at 3 p.m.?" And my reply would be "no, sorry, I'm a grownup, so I'll be at WORK at 3 p.m."

So this, plus plenty of other evidence, had led me to belive that day students spent all their time going to parties, sleeping with each other, and playing hacky-sack in the quad in between classes. From eavesdropping on their conversations in class, the partying & screwing assumptions were correct, but so far no hacky-sack. I guess because it's winter. This is unfortunate, because instead of going outside, they appear to spend all their time standing in front of the mailboxes talking about their parties and their dates. If I wasn't afraid that one of those 90-pound girls would attack me with her pointy-toed high-heeled boots, I would say "Oh no, you don't need to move - I just stopped by school today to see what my mailbox looks like from 3 feet away. I'll wait while you and your friends decide which of you is the most hung over."


Blogger Legal Quandary said...

For the record, not ALL day students spend their time that way - though I can certainly understand why you might think so.

Some of us hussle kids out the door, get ourselves to school, cram as much reading in on our breaks (so we have less to try to tackle at home later), get ourselves back home to put dinner on the table, put kids to bed and then finish up whatever reading didn't get done at school. And then get up to do it all over again.

The pointy-toed shoe girls scare me too though.

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