Monday, April 26, 2004

I've been reading a bunch of blogs recently and I noticed that a lot of them refer to themselves as "blawgs." I thought it was for the same reason that my high school football team, the Bulldogs, was the "Dawgs" -- because that's how you pronounce it. (Because my high school is in New Jersey.) But it turns out to be a pun or whatever: bLAWgs. Get it? How bout that.
I'm pretty sure this is wrong, but this is what my brain thinks:
"Bad grades on finals this week = no law journal = no summer job = no job ever = living in a cardboard box."

My only comfort is that I have seen the Lord of the Rings movies more than almost everyone I know (the 2 of you know who you are). I wonder if I have seen them more than anyone else at my school. If anyone has seen them more than me, I'd like to meet those people. How can I find them? Should I put a sign up on the bulletin board next to the need-a-roommate signs?