Saturday, November 12, 2005

Merry Fucking Christmas

(1) There are 2 radio stations in my area that compete to see who can be the first to switch over to the 24-hour "Christmas" format. Apparently there is some sort of prestige associated with this. This year, one of them started immediately after Halloween. I turn on the radio, they're playing "Silver Bells," and it's 70 degrees out.

(2) I am SO unbelievably sick and tired of hearing people argue about whether or not towns can put Christmas trees in front of city hall and whether public school art teacher can have their students make stupid little wreaths out of green pipe cleaners and whether towns can have a "Holiday Parade" instead of a "Christmas Parade" and I just don't want to hear about it anymore! For the love of god, just stop whining! Listening to these debates is like listening to two little kids aruing over whose turn it is to pick what TV station to watch. I just want to send the Republicans and the Democrats to their rooms and not let them have Christmas at all until they can learn to get along.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


One thing about football that I just don't get is the kicking. Sometimes one team will kick the ball, and the other team will get the ball and try to run with it. Other times, the team that gets the ball will just catch it and not try to run. And then sometimes they don't actually catch it, they just let it hit the ground and then all gather around and just watch it while it bounces. Then, just now, the Redskins let a kicked ball roll out of bounds, which is a mistake by someone, because someone just got a penalty for it. I think it was the Redskins. So apparently, the players don't understand all the crazy kicking rules either.