Sunday, December 19, 2004

Book Review

Book I'm reading now (not a law book, since I'm done with exams!!!): Arrow of the Blue-Skinned God. Quote:

"There is nothing shameful about being a butcher. Or a street sweeper, a rickshaw-puller, a woman who scoops cow dung off the street with her bare hands. At least, there had been no shame until now. If a person's station in life is predestined it can bring no dishonor. But if one controls one's own fate, poverty becomes a mark of failure...
India is a poor country, and fate is a comforting doctrine. It lets bent-backed rice farmers and bent-backed garbage pickers maintain their dignity.... in the Hindu view, a man is not a failure for quietly doing the job he was born to do. In fact, he could be no greater success."

This is very logical; if our fate is predetermined, and the gods have decided that we should be street-sweepers, then there is no shame in it, and we can be perfectly happy as street-sweepers and not long to be rich businesspeople with money and good medical care and nice clothes. But does it really work like that? Isn't it human nature to want more than what we have? If we could be content with what we have, how would society progress? If we decided that god had meant for us to live on Earth, and that we should be content with that, then we would never have sent men to the moon.

I like the quote; it is really a nice thought. But I don't think it's true. It's also something that annoys me about religion; every time something really crappy and stupid and unfair happens, someone pops up and tries to explain how it's all part of god's plan and so we shouldn't mind that life sucks because god had a reason for it. They're wrong. Sometimes life just sucks and there's no good reason for it.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Attention World of Warcraft players:
Recent studies have shown that 90% of all other players are hot, single supermodels. And they play in their underwear. Their biggest turn-on is |33t players.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Okay, so here's a real post:
Last night, after the crim law exam, I went to the bar with some classmates (which is as much of an accomplishment as taking (and passing?) the exam, because I am socially challenged). So I started talking to a woman in my class who I always thought was really cool but I didn't really know. She said that she was the kind of person who wasn't very good at just going up to new people and talking to them, but she enjoyed talking to them if they took the initiative, and she thought I was probably the same way, and I agreed, and we talked about what a shame it was that neither of had talked to the other before. And then we made fun of the classmates we both disliked, which is always a super-fun law school activity. And then she said that she and her friend Bob (also in our class) liked to go through the class list and gossip thoroughly about the whole class. She said that when they discussed me, Bob's theory was that I didn't like them. (Which is certainly not true.) But I actually thought that was a great comment! Because when I imagined my classmates talking about me, I imagined them saying stuff like "Yeah, she's the one who raises her hand and makes really dumb comments." (Yes, I may have some insecurities.) So I was thrilled that when people had thought about me, they hadn't thought that. Really, if people think that I'm a bitch, that's fine, as long as they think I'm a smart bitch. (But I'm just shy! Really!)
Monkeys! A person other than me is aware of the existence of this blawg! Not only that, they left 2 comments! Not only only that, it was Blonde Justice! One of my blawg heroes! I now feel pressured to start making posts again, instead of just composing them in my head as I bite my nails and wish that I had the willpower to make the cat get off my lap.