Thursday, October 28, 2004

Book I'm reading: "All The Words", by Jose Saramago. Here's a good part:

"There are people like Senhor Jose everywhere, who fill their time, or what they believe to be their spare time, by collecting stamps, coins, medals, vases, postcards, matchboxes, books, clocks, sports shirts, autographs, stones, clay figurines, empty beverage cans, little angels, cacti, opera programmes, lighters, pens, owls, music boxes, bottles, bonsai trees, painting, mugs, pipes, glass obelisks, ceramic ducks, old toys, carnival masks, and they probably so out of something that we might call metaphysical angst, perhaps because they cannot bear the idea of chaos being the one ruler of the universe, which is why, using their limited powers and with no divine help, they attempt to impose some order on the world, and for a short time they manage it, but only as long as they are there to defend their collection, because when the day comes that it must be dispersed, and that day always comes, either with their death or when the collector grows weary, everything goes back to its beginnings, everything returns to chaos."

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Studying Crim Law. Reading about murder and manslaughter. (Note to self: find out what the difference is.) Reading a statute that referred to "the slayer". Getting out Buffy DVDs to watch while studying.

Friday, October 22, 2004

I was cleaning out my basement freezer last week and I found a bag of Easter candy that I hidden from myself last Easter. The theory is that if I put the candy in the freezer in the basement, and only take out a couple pieces each time I go down there, then the inconvenience of going down into the basement will keep me from eating the whole bag in one day. And it worked, because I had only eaten about 2/3 of candy since Easter before I totally forgot about it. But's it's gone now, because after I found the candy, I took it upstairs and sat in bed and ate it all. (While I studied. And I've found that I gain twice as much weight if I eat while I study. Dammit.)