Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Top 5 Adjectives for a Sunday Afternoon at the Law Library

(1) Studyrific
(2) Lawtastic
(3) Case-a-licious
(4) Law-o-Rama
(5) Law-A-Palooza

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Today I had a bad day :-(

(1) There's this cute boy that I had a HUGE crush on all of last semester, and I was minutes away from finally asking him out, but then a friend of mine told me that she had gone out with him and told me all about his bad personal qualities that made him terrible boyfriend material. So then I was all depressed and I spent the last 6 weeks working really hard on NOT thinking about him and not being depressed that he was a jerk instead of a mensch like I thought he was. And it was going really well until he came up to me at school today and talked to me and he's just as hot as he was before and now I'm all depressed again.

(2) Then I spilled a giant cup of coffee INTO my Kate Spade handbag, on my laptop, on my books, on my shoes, on my coat, etc. So I have to take my laptop to the Apple store to have it cleaned because all the keys stick, and my favorite handbag EVER now REEKS of vanilla latte.

But at least my cat still loves me. I'm just so tired of getting bad grades and studying all the time and working and paying bills and everything.

People I Don't Like, #1

My roommate thinks it's extremely amusing that I refuse to play online computer games (like World of Warcraft) because they require too much human interaction. He tried for a while to convince me to play Guild Wars, because even though it's a multiplayer game, you can successfully complete most of the quests without talking to other people. I said "yeah, sure, but the other people are still there and there's nothing to prevent them from trying to talk to me."

So I have decided to do a series of posts about people who I don't like for specific reasons (as opposed to just resenting their mere existence based on general principle). Here is #1:

Who: Midwestern guy who always ends up sitting behind me in class.

Why I don't like him: He says stupid stuff, and he says it very slowly. I live in a part of the country where people talk very fast (and walk fast and drive fast and don't like to wait for anything). And it drives me absolutely crazy when people talk slowly and use too many words. When this guy talks in class I just want to grab him and shake him and say "Faster, dammit, faster! Less space between the words! Commas are for pussies! Spit it out, goddammit!"

Saturday, January 21, 2006

What kind of lawyer should I be when I grow up?

5 semesters down, 3 to go, and I don't know what kind of law I want to practice. I suppose most people base their decision on which classes they enjoy. The problem is that the classes I like the most are the ones with entertaining facts in the cases, regardless of the subject matter. For example, I never got tired of banana-peel cases in Torts; but I couldn't force myself to read the stupid cases in Business Orgs that just went on and on about stocks and accounting and stuff. This semester I'm taking Workers' Compensation, and these are definitely my kind of cases. Powers v. Lady's Funeral Home: Powers is a mortician who drives home to take a shower after an embalming and is run over by his own car.

So I'm not sure what area of law will allow me to specialize in wacky things happening to people. It's important that the bizarre accidents not be too tragic - I couldn't even read some of the cases in Crim Law about people killing their children.

Things to do instead of studying

Do I have the balls to wear this shirt to school?


I just found out that today is National Hug Day. I have just one thing to say to everyone else in the world: don't touch me.

Day In The Life Of A Law Student

(1) Cat threw up on the sofa.

(2) Cashier in the liquor store carded me. I yelled "awesome" and pumped my arms. She gave me a strange look. I explained that it had been many years since someone thought I might be in my 20's.

(3) Neighbor's house burned down. Or maybe it just smoldered. Or maybe just a gas leak. I didn't have a good view from my window, and it seemed really tacky to go sit outside on the porch and watch, like all the other neighbors. Of course I wanted to go outside and watch. But I put a higher priority on keeping the neighbors from knowing how nosy I am.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


God, I love this show. One of the things I love is how preposterous it is. No one is ever really dead. They always turn up alive at just the right moment.


(1) I like the Seahawks' uniforms. They're snazzy.

(2) Here is what happens when I study while watching TV: are NFL players covered by Workers' Comp? It seems kind of odd, since the whole point of their job is to show up at work once a week and injure each other. The medical bills must be fabulous. Do the players get paid even if they are hurt and can't play?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dear Law School:

May I please have my grades? No? How about now? Now? Okay... now?

Don't make me do that thing that Sydney Bristow does where she puts on a sexy dress and kicks somebody's ass, because I will put on my sexy dress and come down there and kick your law school ass.*

Love, me.

* The law school's ass is located in the ladies' room on the 2nd floor with the alarm that keeps going off and the really small stalls and the creepy missing ceiling. Because that's the part of the law school that needs to have the crap beat out of it, and therefore it must be the ass.